It’s the end of the world as we know it…

WOW! Can you believe you’re halfway done? HALF of your freshman year- 12.5% of your high school experience is over!

It was a hectic year with lots thrown at you- it was new for all of us. I hope you learned a lot about learning a lot! My primary goal was to teach you to learn to teach yourself! I hope all went well with that endeavor!


Your blog is yours for school to play with and expand. I hope you dig into it and learn more. Learning DIVI can be a great way to earn some extra bucks! And of course, you have to learn anything else you’d like to!!!



Make sure that in your stats page, the last indicator links to your blog post with your final- not the editing page, but the page to view it!


By the time you’re juniors, I should be heading up a class in digital design where we take it WAY further into design, art, video, and web. Keep it in mind! You’ll also have other computer and networking classes to choose from- so think about it and play with the different software you have access to! Dig in and learn!


I have my kids this week so I probably won’t be in- but if I can, I’ll get down there to see you guys! I really loved meeting all of you and having a great time in this new experiment for us all! Keep in touch and have an AMAZING WINTER BREAK!!!!

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