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Enriching minds, empowering futures. Empower Your Creative Journey with BrainBuffet! Dive into a world where digital creativity and expert guidance meet, enhancing your skills and opening doors to recognized certifications in Adobe and Microsoft.

About us

Over 90% of all students who take our courses pass their ACA exams! We believe that learning should be FUN and our courses are designed with educators AND students in mind. Students learn the software by completing real-world design projects while building their own portfolios.

Why Choose BrainBuffet?

At BrainBuffet, we believe that learning should be fun and experiential. We think that by making courses hands-on and filled with relevant projects, students have a better chance at making the concepts stick.
We do that by engaging the student in many different styles of learning and interaction points (also known as multi-modal learning).

  • Students watch our video-based tutorials which are sprinkled with interactive questions to make sure they’re paying attention throughout the lesson.
  • Tactile engagement through customized workbooks and projects.
  • Quizzes and Resources to review the most important concepts.
Not only do we support student learning, we also care about teacher success. Teachers are equipped with Lesson Plans, Answer Keys, Finished Files, and Dedicated Support staff to answer any questions you might have along the way.
  • Our mission is clear: to provide innovative, hands-on courses aligned with certification exams, setting both students and teachers up for success in and out of the classroom.
Meet the instructors
Our instructors are hand-picked by curriculum experts who work alongside the BrainBuffet team.
Jessica Campbell
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Jenn Stubblefield
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Greg King
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Rob Schwartz
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Carly Green
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Joseph Labrecque
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Mark Shufflebottom
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Kevin McMahon
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Sam Pan
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Tommy Demos
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Ron Trucks
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Terri Blackwell
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Danielle Roccisano
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Joe Dockery
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Jonathan Gordan
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William Price
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Sunil Bhatla
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Noah LeFevre
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Charles Gilbert
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Behind-the-Scenes Team
Meet the dedicated professionals who power our mission. Each team member brings unique skills and passion, ensuring that we deliver the best possible learning experience!
David Freund
Owner & Director
Rob Schwartz
Curriculum Consultant
Taty Rafagnin
Product Manager
Sam Pan
Director of Curriculum
Steven Lykins
Senior Web Developer
Luis Blanco
Sales & Business Development
Malu Aragao
Lead Editor & Project Manager
Natalia Conti
Professional Development
Katie Smith
Executive Assistant
Monica Perez
Customer Success Manager
Adri Masson
Content and QA Coordinator
Wayne Tsai
Pedro Ribeiro
Content and QA Specialist
Sabrina Marchiori
Graphic Designer
Mickey Mercado
Video Editor
Daniel Serrano
Eric Luchini
Video Editor
Jordana Leijoto
UX Designer