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Platform Updates 02/19/24

Greetings everyone!

Course Release and Course Updates Schedule: We’ve made some recent adjustments to the dates and courses, so please take a moment to review the changes to ensure you’re up to date!

FAQ: We’ve added new and updated FAQ articles. These resources are designed to assist you with general inquiries, covering topics such as classroom creation, student enrollment, and logging in, among others.

Platform Updates: We’re also happy to inform you all that our DEV Team has successfully identified and resolved the issue causing the BrainBuffet website to crash during morning lessons. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we worked to address this matter, and we thank you for your cooperation throughout the process.

Reach out to support@brainbuffet.com if you have any additional questions. 🙂

Have a great week and continue to #NurtureYourBrain with our buffet!