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New License Manager Features

Happy holidays everybody!

Platform Updates:


License Managers can now add new License Managers

We’ve added an “Add License Manager” button to the top of the License Management dashboard, under the License Selection Dropdown. This will allow you to add new admins to your account. You can invite new or existing users by email.

Welcome emails to teachers can be manually re-sent by license managers

Here, we’ve added the “Resend Welcome Email” button, which will re-send the user our automated welcome email, which includes their log-in information.



Request Live Training

By accessing the new “Live Training” page on the upper menu you can now request Live-Training and Professional Development for all Adobe and Microsoft software with sessions from 30 minutes to 3 hours, online or in person for your school. You can count now on BrainBuffet for all training services.


We can’t wait to see you again next semester! Have a great holiday season and New Year.