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Curriculum Update 10/4/2023

Premiere Pro Certification Course Changelog

  • Video 1.04: Updated the New Project Window UI to align with the 2023 version of the software.
  • Video 1.05: Updated to include additional default workspaces.
  • Video 1.18: Replaced the outdated dialogue box with the updated Export tab within the UI.
  • Video 2.02: Provided guidance on accessing ingest and scratch disc settings by navigating to File/Project Settings > Scratch Disc due to changes in the New Project window.
  • Video 2.20: NEW topic added on Transcribing and Adding Captions in the new Text Panel.

After Effects Certification Course Changelog

  • Video 2.02: Updated the preset for creating a new composition to HD – 29.97.
  • Video 2.09: Added support for exporting in h.264 (mp4) format within the Render Queue.
  • Video 6.06: Introduced updated options in the Render Queue, offering more rendering flexibility.
  • Videos 3.01, 4.01, 5.01, 6.02, 8.01, 11.01: Updated the user interface for creating a new composition in multiple videos.