Welcome Fellow Educators!!!!

Let’s face it. None of us have the time to do half of what we want to do. We all appreciate good lessons, free resources, and a little inspiration or insight from other teachers. Well, this is my way of paying it forward! Lots of teachers have found the site useful, and if you are one of those, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

Can You Use This Site In Your Own Classroom?

YES! Please do! All I ask is that you please  leave a comment below and let me know how you found the site and/or what you find most useful. I’m a busy teacher and single dad, too! If I can tell what people are interested in, I can better focus my attention on getting the right kind of information and resources out there. It’s also just cool to know where you’re from and how the site is helping you. I only ask that you do not copy and download the files and redistribute them without asking. Let me see the traffic so I can again gauge what people are using and focus my attention in the right places.

How Do You Make Your Own???

Easy! Check out the info here. Make sure you’ve got all the goods and then just sit down and record a lesson. Don’t be perfectionistic. Don’t try to exclude your personality- leave the goofy jokes in. They’re not imperfections, they’re the charm.

What’s here for you?

Well, if you’re a Tech Ed or Business Ed teacher, there’s a bunch.

  1. FREE VIDEO TUTORIALS- Can’t afford Lynda.com? Want tutorials more geared for students and certification for the Adobe Certified Associate exams? Check out our tutorials!!!! We have a HUGE collection of video tutorials for training on the adobe products. More coming soon!!! And be sure to check out the tutorials at the amazing site of Mike Skocko at Valhalla High- the Maclab site is the inspiration and motivation for brainbuffet! Mike also shares an excellent collection of tutorials! (be sure to check out the new CS5 tutorials, too!)
  2. EXAMPLES OF STUDENT WORK– Not happy with the student work in your lab? Need some creative inspiration for students so they raise the bar? Check out our galleries of student work! Want more? Check out the Maclab , DATA, and Bellarmine galleries, too!
  3. COOPERATIVE SHARING OF WEB RESOURCES– Need links?? Check out and PLEASE JOIN THE DIIGO GROUP!!! It’s a great way we can all share amazing resources we find online. Simply join Diigo, then  Join the Design Ed group, and then when you add your sites to the list, share it with the design.ed group!   The diigo group is a great way to share links, and all of us together can contribute. Why keep those amazing websites you’ve found all to yourself? Share those links with all of us!
  4. LESSON PLANS AND LAB POLICIES– Go to the Students pages for lab policy ideas or lesson plans (also here). Check out Tech Ed Central for some of my philosophies and strategies (pilfered over many years from teachers better than me…), ideas about Professional Development, ideas about an equipment list for your lab, or ideas on promoting your program.  Lastly, you can just check out the blog and see what’s happening day to day in my lab.
  5. ARTICLES ON TEACHING AND TECHNOLOGY FOR LAB-BASED PROGRAMS – When applying or nominated for awards, or sometimes for publications or simple pleasure, I’ll write an article about certain topics pertaining to education. I have compiled most of them here for anyone that might want to read them. Some are pretty old and don’t really apply to how I teach much anymore, but it’s part of how I got here and may be useful to someone else! I also noticed while looking through them that some are written kind of formally since they were for big fancy-pants awards and stuff… But relax, if the reading gets stuffy, the rest of the site has the informal conversational tone you’re used to! 🙂

Here is a list of subpages for teacher resources

What else ya got?

Well, I don’t have much more than what’s here. There are subscription based videos at ACA Test Prep.com, those are for the ACA exams. if you’re not taking those, save your cash. And of course, there’s tons at the Adobe Ed exchange. Click the link below and sign up!

Email from Teachers:

“Your website was recommended to me by another teacher. This is my first year teaching and I have a Digital Design 2 class. I have found the the project links page useful and the tutorials. Thanks!- MB- Clay County, FL

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the awesome instruction at the two workshops this month at Sheridan Tech Center. I believe that almost, if not everyone, passed the Dreamweaver certification exam this morning. I scored almost 200 points higher on DW than on PS!- DB, Broward, FL

“Thanks for a rocking training session! I am pumped to share what I learned with my students! I knew slim to nothing when I started teaching this two years ago and it’s really helpful to have someone who knows what they’re doing show you the correct way (as my way of teaching has mostly been trial and error). It’s very encouraging to finally see someone excited about our subject or teaching in general… instead of the habitual complaining that I hear almost every time I get together with more than a handful of educators.- JH- Broward County, FL

“I am a teacher at a small charter school in West Palm Beach. I attended one of your break-out sessions at last year’s Technology Conference hosted by the school board. I have been trying to develop a better curriculum at my school. Unfortunately, we have very old equipment and a non existent technology budget. I have been scraping by by using demo or free software. I have watched many of your tutorials as well as several from the maclab. i find your Photoshop tutorials great and like your delivery style.- SM-Palm Beach, FL

“Your curriculum is incredible. I love the scenarios you use to setup each project. Can I use them with my students? Can I share them with other teachers?- JD- Snoqualmie, WA“  (Yes to all!!! -rs)

“I was your “star” student in the Miami ACA Photoshop CS4 class this past December… Thanks for every thing – LOVE your site!  Keep the information coming.- Bev- Miami, FL

“Enjoyed your presentation at FETC and found some needed direction for my program. I love your website and am interested in how you setup the ACA within your program. That was my light bulb moment during the conference. I also like the changes you made with focus on developing ones character, art etc. I too have felt a need for change in that arena. Thanks again for sharing, and may the force be with you! KP- Florida

“I find this web site very helpful, I took one of you inservices class last summer and you made learning fun again.- VB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“We are having a planning day here in Clay County and, of course, I am looking over your site and getting my lesson plans for digital design!  Our vocational director, Mr. Paul Parker, paid for us to be a certification testing site and now all I have to do is get my school’s computer technician to do his part and we can start testing.  I am excited about accomplishing this, but so know what you have been through to be able to certify so many.  You are awesome!  Just wanted you to know how much you have done so much for me and my students.”- GB, Orange Park, FL

“Thank you so much for an outstanding Photoshop workshop. You are passionate about what you teach and excellent at what you do. I truly enjoyed the 2 days at Miami Lakes and can’t wait to use everything that I learned. My sincere appreciation.- Mrs. R- Miami, FL

“I attended the ACA workshop the last two days and I wanted to say thank you for all of your help in passing the test!  Your training was the best I had ever been to! Once again thank you…and YOU ARE THE MAN!- Andrew, Miami, FL

“Hi, I’ve used some of your projects and online tutorials in my class. I am greatful to have this resource and that some of the projects take more than one day to complete. The projects that my students do within the Reveal series and CIB books are usually completed within the class period. Leaving so many projects for me to grade and keep up with by end of week. Timeframe for completion, objectives learned, tools/commands to use and summary of deliverables are useful to have listed and easily available when lesson planning. Do you teach any other multimedia classes? Looking for Flash CS4 resources. Thank you for all you do and provide. Even Adobe doesn’t have this level of lesson resource for teachers!- JW- Broward County, FL

“I was just dropping you a like to say thanks for your help in Coco for the training you did for the photoshop exam.  They are still installing the newCS4 software in my lab.  I plan to use your videos and projects in my class. Thanks again for all the help you have provided for the design community, teachers and students of Florida. NG- Jefferson County, FL

Thanks for teaching that workshop. You website is fantastic!- AP, Dade County, FL

“I am a Digital Design Teacher at Clay High School in Green Cove Springs, FL (North Florida).  I have found your site and think that it is great!  I would like to use your projects in my class and am curious as to where/how you came up with the projects.- TC- Clay County, FL

“Rob, I am so happy that I came to the FBTEA workshop and met you.  You have been my “sanity savior,” because now I have a website to go for Digital Design that is all inclusive!  We are having a planning day here in Clay County and, of course, I am looking over your site and getting my lesson plans for digital design!(I panicked the other night when your site was down for repair or something.) I am in the process of getting my school to be a Certiport testing site.  I am excited about accomplishing this, but so know what you have been through to be able to certify so many.  You are awesome! Just wanted you to know how much you have done so much for me and my students. Thanks again!  If I had an award to give, I would give it to you, too! DG- Orange Park, FL

” Three years ago I fell from a tree and was laid up in bed with a broken leg for five months. The principal was very kind and offered me a chance to do a web design class so I could work from a wheelchair. Thanks for letting me know about your website, truly this is a labor of love. You have lots of great material here and I appreciate having a chance to use it. DC, Braden River, FL

“Wanted you to know how great your tutorials are.  We’ve used them here at Braden River High School and the kids love them.  It is my hope, that… as you design future tutorials for CS5…. that you leave these CS3 CS4 tutorials somewhere on your site.  You see, some schools will still be using CS-3 CS-4 for sometime into the future because of budget considerations. Also, what software did you use to create the tutorials? (check here for info on how I create the tutorials- rs) Thanks for letting use use your tutorials….The kids loved them and as they allowed the kids to actively use a standardized task and achieve success.  I think they were the best turoials I’ve seen for use in the classroom!!” – JF-Braden River High School

thanks for another AWESOME WORKSHOP!!!!!!  I passed the Dreamweaver exam with 850! Matter of fact I think all but 2 people in the class passed! You should get a bonus! you rock!!- Kathy Kudak

All my students who took the ACA test, PASSED the ACA test! Thank you!- Andrew

I had run across your website and bookmarked it at the end of the 09-10 school year. I was already looking back on it as I prepared lessons for my Digital Design and Multimedia Foundations classes this year. Then I got to see you speaking at FACTE. When I went into the how to make a website session I was worried I would be bored, and then I realized I was about to be late to the luncheon that I was going to next and never got to talk to you. Thank you for having this, I am in the process of overhauling my website as I plan for school starting on Monday. We will be teaching CS5 this year and of course I had not seen it until last week. I will be a constant visitor to your site, as well as sending my students here. I hope to see you speaking again or attend a CS5 training if you do one, it will be a crazy year with new programs, and opening a new high school! Thanks for your information and inspiration.- Jennifer Peel

Hey Rob, I first wanted to thank you for your help and all the information you gave us at the Joint FTEA conference a few weeks back.  Me and Ryan (the guy I work with that also took the test and passed) are waiting for our Adobe Production Suite to come in so we can get our students started in the wonderful world of Adobe- NB, Harlee MS, FL

Just wanted to thank you for 2 great days of Photoshop training. I took the certification test today and passed on the first try, thanks to you. Take care and stay in touch. See you at the next training.- TP- Coconut Creek, FL

Brainbuffet training videos ROCK when it comes to preparing students for the Adobe ACA in Photoshop!!! After utilizing the Brainbuffet videos in my classroom students went from a 30% pass rate to well over 70%.  The videos are well crafted, entertaining and right on target!  Thanks for helping us get the much coveted  professional standard certifications for our students. I cannot thank you enough. You made the difference in how well we did!  Rob you ROCK!!!! Your Biggest FAN! – Dena, Denton, TX

I was looking at your site this weekend after accidently stumbling across you! What a wonderful accident this has turned out to be. I teach Communication Technology at Belleview High in Belleview, Florida. We are actually in the process or changing over to Promotional Enterprise (exciting stuff). You site is fantastic! I saw that you have Photoshop ACA videos that can be accessed with a subscription. Please send me info on the subsrciption. With your pass rate for the ACA exam, I really need to do what you’re doing!  Thanks!- CE, Marion County, FL

I have been looking at and wondering at how amazing your site is. Your resources and organization are top notch. You are very gracious to allow colleauges to surf through, it has been a great help to me. I am a first year Digital Teacher (thrown into the deep end from the kiddy pool…..) so I cannot say how inspirational I have found your site to be. Thanks for all you do….and I wonder at how you manage it…..Your lab must be a busy busy place. How do you get them there? We have no electives, so many of my students are placed with no choice….any advice on how to motivate?Thanks again for all your awesomeness (which you are not charging for…..)- EM, Oxford, MA.

Your videos are great!  You provide an excellent teaching tool and thank you for sharing.- SV- Univ. of Wisconson, Lacrosse

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