PMI Project Management Ready Certification Course

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Join our Project Management Ready Certification Course, led by the incredible instructor, Jess Campbell. Dive into the basics of project management and navigate the project lifecycle, budgeting, and business structures. This course is your stepping stone to becoming a beginner project manager, covering essential concepts in depth. it’s designed as a fun and relevant supplement toe classroom learning. Get ready to pass the PMR certification exam while enjoying an engaging and interactive learning experience. Boost your career in this rapidly growing field and apply your knowledge directly to real-world projects. Enroll now and unlock a rewarding future in project management! For group/class purchases please contact us.

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Jessica Campbell

Jess is an Adobe Educated Leader and computer science and digital multimedia teacher who specializes in the entire Adobe suite. She loves introducing kids to digital skills that will help them be creative and get awesome jobs. She also loves to cook and dreams of one day writing a book.

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