CSB Communication Skills for Business

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In today’s dynamic and highly competitive business landscape, effective communication is the key to success. The Communication Skills for Business Certification Course (CSB) is designed to empower individuals with the essential skills and knowledge they need to excel in the professional world. In this course, led by educator Jonathan Gordon, we will explore about the significance of non-verbal cues, negotiation strategies, and adapting to diverse audiences to empower students to present the best version of themselves in the business world. By participating in the CSB course, students will be able to confidently interact with colleagues and be prepared to pass the Professional Communication Exam Documentation by Certiport!

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Course Hours: 15h
Total Video Duration: ~3 hours
Lessons: 6
Topics: 67


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Jonathan Gordan

Certification aligned:

Professional Communication Certification Exam

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  1. The computer softwares to follow along with the lessons.
  2. Access to the internet and a browser to watch our videos online.
  3. A Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account to access the courses resources.

NOTE: This product does NOT include the software! You will need to have the software installed on your computer to follow along with the lessons.

Learning Outcomes

  • Project 1 – Describe Basic Communication Principles
  • Project 2 – Plan for Effective Communication
  • Project 3 – Apply Best Practices for Creating Business Deliverables
  • Project 4 – Deliver Your Message
  • Project 5 – Receive Communications
  • Project 6 – Analyze Communication Scenarios