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BrainBuffet now offers trainings and professional development to teachers, educators, and organizations!

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BrainBuffet Live-Training & Professional Development

BrainBuffet is already your trusted source for online training and curriculum. Now, it’s easier than ever to book professional development workshops with BrainBuffet.

BrainBuffet Professional Development workshops are creative, fun, action-packed and aimed at giving teachers the digital literacy skills needed to effectively teach in the modern classroom. We’ve taken some of the best content from our curriculum and turned them into live sessions, where teachers can participate, ask questions, and finally get answers.

We offer professional development sessions surrounding Adobe and Microsoft programs. Our familiar, award-winning instructors are available to bring your faculty up to speed on the latest industry trends and certification exam objectives.

Professional Development by BrainBuffet will:

  • Provide teachers with the knowledge and confidence to start exploring the application(s) on their own
  • Get staff (and in turn, students) excited about learning
  • Include the opportunity for a Q&A session with an industry expert
  • Include limited access to BrainBuffet curriculum and optional platform tutorial
  • Prepare teachers and students with the tools and knowledge needed for Certification
  • Equip teachers with trending techniques, project ideas, and useful tips & tricks
  • Provide instructors with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom

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Are you an experienced teacher or educator looking to give back to your community?

Consider signing up to become a BrainBuffet Professional Development Instructor! By sharing your knowledge and expertise with your fellow educators, you can help inspire and empower others to improve their teaching skills and make a positive impact on their students.

Plus, presenting at professional development conferences and workshops is a great way to network and stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices in education. So don't hesitate - take the first step towards making a difference by filling out this contact form and becoming a professional development presenter today!

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Professional Development & Training Frequently Asked Questions

Live or In-Person Training

We do both! Live (In-Person) Training: Our expert trainers will come directly to your location and teach in your classrooms. Experience personalized instruction tailored to your specific needs, right in the comfort of your own educational environment. Virtual Training: Can't have trainers physically present? No problem! Our virtual training sessions bring the expertise to you. Interact with instructors and colleagues through a user-friendly online platform, making learning accessible from anywhere.


Our program is designed to address your specific needs and challenges as an educator. From mastering Adobe Creative Suite to becoming proficient in Microsoft Office, Intuit applications, Cisco technologies, Autodesk software, and more, our curriculum is customized to enhance your skills in the programs that matter most to you.


BrainBuffet only works with expert instructors. Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive teaching experience and a passion for education. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to help you excel in your profession.


We understand that teachers have busy schedules. That's why we offer flexible training options, allowing you to choose the timing and format that best fits your needs.


Interested in booking a PD Session? Our Team is ready to answer all your pricing questions, send us an e-mail at

Softwares we cover

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe InDesign
Adobe DreamWeaver
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Premiere Rush
Adobe Character Animator
Adobe Express
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Animate
Adobe Audition
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Intuit Quickbooks
AutoDesk AutoCAD

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