Adobe Lightroom

In this course, BrainBuffet’s Sam Pan gives you all of the tips and tricks needed to create stunning photo edits in one of the most popular programs used by photographers, Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is favored because of its usability and mobile capabilities, allowing you to edit quickly and on-the-go!

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Adobe Rush

In this course, BrainBuffet’s Sam Pan gets you acquainted with Adobe Rush, which is essentially a more simple, straightforward version of Premiere Pro. If you already know Premiere Pro, then this is a terrific course to introduce you to Rush; and if you’ve never used Premiere Pro before, then Rush is a great place to

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Microsoft Excel Certification Course

Microsoft Excel is a program widely used by professionals and one that you can’t go wrong with learning to use. Plus, there’s no one better to teach you than Jennifer Stubblefield! In this course, Jennifer invites you into her (fictitious) Traveling Scholars Club, and your projects will mimic real-life scenarios and tasks that you could

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Microsoft Word Certification Course

Microsoft Word has been around since the 80s and is one of the most popular word processing programs available. That means knowing your way around Word is a highly marketable skill! Instructor Jennifer Stubblefield takes you through fourteen comprehensive projects so you’re ready to start utilizing Word in the classroom, the office, or wherever word

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Microsoft PowerPoint Certification Course

Almost everyone has used PowerPoint at some point in their lives, but few know how to use it well – and that’s exactly what instructor Jennifer Stubblefield is here to teach you in our Microsoft PowerPoint course. Join her (fictitious) Traveling Scholars Club to create realistic, industry-relevant presentations and prepare for the PowerPoint certification exam.

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