Let’s explore what the mobile version of the app looks like! Nothing says on-the-go editing like Rush’s mobile app.


Welcome to our Adobe Premiere Rush Course! We’re very excited to have you! To get started, click on the Google Drive link below to download the sample footage. This footage is NOT mandatory. You are welcome to use your own footage for your own projects, but we do recommend following along using the sample files provided.

This is a HUGE download!

We recommend downloading it once, and then making local copies at your location either via a shared network drive, USB drive, or DVD. The files should NOT be run off network drives or virtual machines- this is not supported by Adobe Premiere. It is a good idea to distribute the files via your network drive but have each student copy the files to their local hard drive before importing them into Premiere Rush!

These zip files are located on Google Drive. We have set the permissions so you can download them. Please don’t request “editing” access to these files. You don’t need that level of permissions to download them. When you click on the link, it will open a new tab. Click on the download arrow in the upper right-hand side of the browser window.

Download Project Files From Google DriveDownload Project Files From OneDrive


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