Welcome To Adobe Dreamweaver CC15

Adobe Dreamweaver™ is the cornerstone web design product for Adobe. It is also the beginning certification to acquire if you choose to move further in your web design career! This set of tutorials will help you learn everything you need to know to pass the Adobe Certified Associate exams for versions CC2013 and 2015. (We STRONGLY recommend taking the newest version!)

This tutorial series is specially designed to cover the latest ACA exam standards as they’re addressed in the new Creative Cloud versions of the examination. With special attention paid to the new Dreamweaver CC interface elements, this series of 49 videos is a perfect way for students to learn the fundamentals of creating HTML and CSS layouts while preparing to take the exam.

Through hands-on, activity based projects that focus on the methods used in industry, you will learn everything from basic HTML to CSS stylesheets and uploading your site. This is not just training in the software, it’s training in a career!

Course Content

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Dreamweaver CC15 Project Files


Project 1 – Put brain in gear before clicking mouse


Project 2 – Fire Up Your Website Dreams


Project 3 – Worth 1000 Words- Images on Pages


Project 4 – Getting the Hook-Up


Project 5 – You’re speaking in code


Project 6 – Designing the UX


Project 7 – Getting Responsive


Project 8 – Prototype to Production