Welcome To Adobe Animate CC15

You’re in for a treat! Joseph is going to take you toward the level of Coding Commando in this basic intro that introduces you to some amazing concepts and projects that teach you all the basics for Animate Programming. This is an amazing series from an amazing expert that keeps it fun and knows his stuff!!!

There is a lot more to Animate than meets the eye. It’s an entire programming platform and is often misunderstood! Joseph helps make it fun and easy to get to the critical concepts that you need to learn Adobe Animate and learn the core skills to becoming a flash programmer! Jump in and get started on your programming adventure!

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Course Content

Projects Status

Project 1 - Animate Intro


Project 2 - Animated Logo


Project 3 - Video Production


Project 4 - Classic Animation


Project 5 - Interactive Web Ad


Project 6 - Program your Phone!


Project 7 - Interactive Media!