You Just Lost The Game…


But really, let’s talk more about the game… Here’s the notes I had, I tried to organize them into concept groups. Remember, they’re all possible ideas, not suggestions. Remember we want to keep it simple and just have the fun part, not an additional work load managing it all:

Here’s what we NEED To have in the game:

  1. Fun
  2. Ease of use/management
  3. Schwartz needs to be able to have mandatory quests to cover required material
  4. Include soft skills as well as tech skills (employability, design skills, “Charisma”)
  5. Checks and balances for the “self-assessment” portion

Here are random ideas from the presentations in no particular order:

  • XP- How do you aquire it? Schwartz determines XP on projects he assigns, but what about individual or group quests? What kind of Bonus for Wall Worthy/BOTB? Bonuses for service? Character? Environmental (cleaning up)?
  • Leveling Up– Leveling up should get special privelidges (equipment, freedom of projects, etc).
    • Privelidge– Equipment access (button maker, siklscreen, laser engraver, sticker cutter, etc)
    • Skills Limit– You must attain as many skills (attributes?) as your level to level up (can’t stay in just photoshop and get to level 2… must have at least 1 illustrator attribute)
    • Attribute Related? If we use attributes- level is average of your attributes.
  • Attributes– Should we have them? Can you add attributes to your “character” so that you get benefits in particular areas? What should they be? (Intelligence, endurance, etc.. or app based like Photoshop, illustrator, etc..) People with high attributes could get special advantages in duels- like intelligence lets them flex rules, and endurance gives them extra duel time. How do we get them? use them?
    • XP vs Ability Points? How do we keep track? manage? Use? Is there a need or is it too complex?
  • Keeping Track- How do we keep track of your accomplishments? Need some sort of  “quest log.” Love the idea of a journal or blog for that.
  • Clans– each cluster can be a clan or you can build and join them. Clans can duel other clans on group projects. have names, identity, coat of arms, etc.
    • Weekly Rulers– Those with highest XP for the week (leaderboard) get special privelidges.
    • “survivor” kind of booting out process for people not working
    • Kidnapping other tribe members?? How could you do it?
  • Rating Projects– Class rates or not? Whole or part of grade? If class does it, then in forums, for every point you deviate from the person’s self assessment, you need to give that many reasons why you disagree. (they say 5 you say 3… you need to give at least 2 specific reasons why using the rubric or the elements and principles)
  • Duels– How do they work? Everyone gets a PWNAGE board- keep track of those you’ve beaten in duels? How do you choose/accept/reject duel?
    • Tournaments- Multi-player duels. Winner takes all or divide up the point pot. More players = more points in the pot
    • “Live Duels” for “masters” can be watched.
    • Rules? can’t duel same person twice if you beat them. Can only duel someone who has equal or higher level, or more won duels than you. Should Duels be specific to app??? How do we classify them? If one person challenges other to duel, then recipient of challenge gets to pick the specifications?
    • Summoning Abilities– Perhaps an attribute, hidden treasure,  or purchase with XP?? Can call on Schwartz or other classmate for help during duel.
    • Dark Cave of Dueling– Randomized specs or schwartz pics. Higher reward because of risk you’ll get a duel you stink at!
    • Bounties??? People with exceptional skills can get bounties on them. Then if you beat them in a duel you get extra points. Dueling someone 2 levels higher than you gets you a bonus if you win
  • Assessing Points– Harder projects get “multipliers”- so it’s always the same 5 point rubric. XP = difficulty X quality
  • Cheating– lose XP and karma for cheating. Caught in dishonest behavior results is lost karma /XP.
    • Karma System? – how? What advantages for high Karma? Karma and charisma intertwined.
    • Rating Others– Online Lab or Moodle site or blogs… you get points (charisma?) for rating other people. This can be used to gain XP or for special advantages in duels?
    • Trolls–  Trolling the forums loses XP or Charisma. Trolls get bounties on them for duels? Trolls auto lose points in duels even at low levels.
  • Tutorials– Fine to do as side/personal quests but you must claim it’s a tutorial. If you claim it as your own work/idea and tutorial is found later then you lose the XP to the discoverer. Max points on a tutorial followed verbatim is a 3. Tutorials used to learn/inspire is expected. Customizing tutorials to your own images/text is acceptable- maximum points 4?

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