Y1314.4- Gremlins…

xanthicHello Recruits-

There is a problem with the grid, so I’m getting you started. Today we’re going to get cranking on teaching you about design…



We’re rebooting the grid. when it’s up, we’ll get you going…


Advanced GRUNTs I want you to start kicking the tires of our newest design tool- InDesign. Good news- the test is supposed to be fairly easy because InDesign isn’t as powerful as Illustrator or Photoshop.

[button link=”http://tv.adobe.com/show/learn-indesign-cs6″ type=”icon” icon=”notice” newwindow=”yes”] Get Started Here![/button]



Sign in to the grid!!! ONLY PROCEED if you’ve got your forms turned in… You can’t move forward without it!

[button link=”https://brainbuffet.com/grid/register/” type=”icon” icon=”notice” color=”red”] Register for the GRID[/button]

Then come back and do the following:

Once you’re done there… Open illustrator and follow along with these videos… I’ll be making them missions soon! SAVE YOUR WORK WHEN DONE FROM EACH ONE!

Entering Text | Point text and Area Text | Basic Font Settings | LeadingKerning and Tracking | Extra Character Settings | Paragraph Settings | Warp Tools | Modify Warp | Outlines | Direct Selecting Tips | Tweaking Paths | Line Segments and Stroke | Arcs | Swirls | Grids | Fill and StrokeRectangleRound rectangles and Circles | Ninja shapes | Arranging ObjectsThe Power of Pathfinders | Tweaking Tools | Eye Guy Example | Cheesy Cartoon Guy Example




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