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Curriculum Update 09/08/2022


**Changes in effect Sun. September 26, 2022**

Updates to Animate

Our current Animate Certification Course is getting quite the facelift. Starting Sept 26th, the updated Animate Course will feature Title and End Cards which will highlight key information within the video lessons. All videos featured in our updated Animate Course have been re-recorded in the new 2022 software UI. This is to ensure that the newest versions of the UI match up with the interface that students will be seeing onscreen. (If you and your school are running an older version of Animate CC, no worries. The certification exam will not test you on the new UI and is only an aesthetic update. You can still follow along with an older version of Animate and pass the current certification exam.)

We’re also making a major effort in cleaning up, updating, and reformatting the current teacher resources so they will be more useful in the classroom.

⚠️ Most importantly, for teachers already running through the course, when the course is updated on Sept 26th, 2022, there is a chance your students’ video progression may reset. As a teacher, you may manually progress students if they lose their progress. If you would like to do this, please have your students take note of where they left off before September 18th. This will not affect any quiz scores.

Coming Soon

We are adding some new Courses to our Catalog! We are happy to announce the introduction of Premiere Level 2, Quickbooks Online, and Word Expert. We expect these courses to be released in early October. These courses will prepare you and your students for their respective industry exams given through Certiport.

Premiere Level 2 will feature roughly 70 videos across 5 projects. Premiere Level 2 DOES NOT have an accompanying certification exam, but is a great supplement to the Premiere Certification Course and is created to be a more advanced course for intermediate editors. This class teaches some pretty exciting techniques such as animating custom title cards, remixing music with Adobe Audition, and color grading. We can’t wait to release this course!

Intuit Quickbooks Certified User Online is a comprehensive dive into the online version of the program. Quickbooks is slowly phasing out its desktop version (which varies only slightly from the online version). This Quickbooks course (70 videos across 9 projects) is built to prepare students for the Certified User exam from Certiport, and will cover topics such as basic accounting principles, list management, and recording money in and money out. This course will be supplemented by interactive homework that students will have to complete (in-app) in order to pass the quizzes.

Microsoft Word Expert is a course we’re excited to release, as it is the first of our Expert series. (Excel Expert is coming soon!) Our Microsoft Word Expert course is made up of 63 videos across 5 projects, and will cover topics such as mail merging, wildcards and expressions, and working with macros! This course will prepare students to take on the Word Expert certification exam. This material is particularly advanced and we highly encourage students to start with our Word Basic course before beginning the Expert level.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out using our contact form or via email at support@brainbuffet.com.