Welcome Back!!!

Hey gang! Welcome back from Spring Break! Let’s get into the groove here by taking the first day back to create any image or media that shares with the viewer a feeling about your spring break! You pick the media (Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Page, Cinema- whatever!!) Thanks to Davis for a quick first entry!!!

4/8/10- I’m out sick today… Actually not sick, but injured- It’s tough getting old! So here’s another quick and easy job… Create an image (like the first one you did this week) that represents how old and broke down I am. Pretty sure there’s some images of me in the common items folders… and if not, you can just use another image of a similarly old, bald, and broke-down old guy. Have fun with this one! I expect to laugh at these when I get back!!! (hopefully tomorrow).

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  1. Heyy !! Its your old student Katelynn, Just seeing what’s up. I switched over to jupiter high and they dont have a computer tech class!! I’m doing online classes right now, and i’d love to get back into this, e-mail me !!! miss you and the class !

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