Week 5- Is This Thing On???

 Just because we increase the speed of information doesn’t mean we can increase the speed of decisions. Pondering, reflecting and ruminating are undervalued skills in our culture.

-Dale Dauten

In the course of heir careers in the American schools of today, most students take hundreds, if not thousands, of tests. They develop skill to a highly calibrated degree in an exercise that will essentially become useless immediately after their last day in school.

-Howard Gardner


Well, it’s about time, right? The lab is finally fixed with the electrical issues, the Online lab is up and running (and looks like it’s working well!), and we’re working in our apps. Sorry for the rough start, guys.

I was thinking about our situation this weekend and realized that it was a lesson in and of itself. There’s a critical skill for life called “adaptability.” This is when you don’t get what you wanted exactly, but you adapt and make the best of the situation that you’re in. Things will often not go your way. Sometimes you have relationships that mean a lot to you and even the people that mean so much to you can sometimes cause things to happen that “ruined your plan” for how things were “supposed to go.” I believe firmly that we need to prepare for the future and think about what the consequences of our actions might be; but at the same time, we need to realize that we’re not in charge of the Universe. Things won’t always go our way.  The more you can control your emotions when things don’t go your way, the more you’ll be able to have control over your own life.

All people that suffer from some form of mental illness have one thing in common- their way of thinking is not in line with reality. What they want to happen is not what happens (or what they want to be, simply isn’t) and they allow that to control them.  They get sad because things don’t work out like they’re “supposed to.” They get angry that something “wasn’t fair.” They live in fear because life happens without their permission. Do you see something strange here? Mental illness is simply not accepting life on it’s own terms. You can’t control what happens. You can only control how you react to what happens.

So the question is… Can you control how you react?

Log into the online lab and blog about Adaptability. Do you think you have it? Do you agree it’s important? (2XP). You can find your blog under “My Profile” in the online lab (choose blog>new entry). After you’re done blogging… just keep moving forward on your projects from the Comm Tech 1 page!

UPDATE: Wow. Lots of ugly logos. Remember the elements and principles. Check out THIS TEACHER’S ADVICE on creating great logos. It’s like you guys are not watching the videos and relying on your old habits! Design is NOT decorating! It’s not what you can add to make it better… it’s what you can simplify! (more great stuff here… check the 3rd and 4th areas)

THEM’S THE RULES: Guys- the chaos is over. We’re no longer in lab limbo with electricians coming in to the lab to fix computers and there should be enough computers for everyone to have their own. That’s why we went over the student policies last week and you agreed to them in the online lab. Major things people don’t seem to get:

  1. OFF-TASK– Doing anything that’s not part of my class means you owe me 30 minutes after school. You took my time, I’ll take yours. Remember, this was the agreement that I’ll never give homework or tests.
  2. FOOD– Eating in the lab is a free 30 minute after-school design party with Schwartz
  3. STREAMING VIDEO/AUDIO– Listening to music or videos over the web is an instant invitation to 30 minutes of Design joy in the lab after school.

LOWERING THE BARS- I’ll soon be removing the soundbars from the lab computers. You will need to get headphones to listen to the videos in class. BRING IN HEADPHONES AND FLASH DRIVES FOR 5 MINUTES EXTRA CREDIT A WEEK!


Watch This and Blog on it- Title your blog “Schools Kill Creativity?”


9/30 Update- New instructions on how to post your files to the Forums in the online lab. At the bottom of the students page! Be sure to check these instructions before trying to post a project in a forum assignment!

HAVING PROBLEMS LOGGING IN TO THE ONLINE LAB? It’s probably internet explorer. Try using Chrome or Firefox. Chrome seems to be the best solution.

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