Week 4 (1213)- Game On

Yeah!!! We’re moving forward with the Gamified Site! Remember, this is about FUN AND BRAGGING RIGHTS. Don’t get obsessed with your points and worried about your grade. If you’re working and learning and on task, you’re getting your grade. The points is for fun and can only add, but not at all take away from your grade!

Some cool things happening and we’re hoping to move to the extended version of the plugin as coded by Semir at the mac lab. I’m working WAAAYYYY too much on this but I’m stoked because it sure seems to be a heck of a lot of fun.  (And we’ll have all  kinds of new insults to use with each other that are purely fun. “You’re such a JarJar.” for example.

So keep moving forward and I’ll add the older projects into the new system for you. We’ll register when I get that ready to go.

AICE Students-

Finish your project in class, and at home you might want to start working on the next project for a chance to win a copy of Creative Suite CS6!!!! Check out the Info below and pick one (I suggest the tech conference cover contest):

Tech Conference cover Contest: Palm Beach Technology Tech Conference  has invited us again to enter this contest to design the cover. We’ve won twice in the last 4 years!!! Learn More!

CTE Promotional Poster Contest: The Association for Career and Technical Education is seeking students’ best and most creative poster designs promoting Career and Technical Education Month. Submissions are due by Oct. 12, 2012. Learn more.


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