Week 2 (1213) – The Whole World…

If there were a prerequisite for the future successful digital creative, it would be the passion for discovery.
-John Madea

The Whole World… In your hands.


There is nothing you can’t create. There is nothing holding you back from moving forward except for your own inertia. This year, in this class, I invite you to join the challenge… To “fight the insidious forces of apathy and wasted potential” as my good friend at the maclab says. Are you up to it?

Check it out… You like music, or art, or something creative. Why?

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.- Milton Glaser

Learn to be creative. Learn to recognize beauty. Learn what makes something attractive and what doesn’t. It’s easy to learn. It makes life more beautiful when you are able to see beauty in places you didn’t expect it.

Find it in yourself. Find it in your music. Find it in your favorite movies. Realize that some of what you like is NOT beautiful and has only been a crutch or excuse for you. Replace that with something more beautiful. Learn to make the world more beautiful as you make your world more beautiful.

Beauty is an opinion, but Ugly is a fact. Fight against your indifference. Fight against your rolling along with the flow instead of fighting. Rally yourself out of your mode of just coasting along and make your own choice. Be finally free.

In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty.- Phil Ochs

Check out your challenge for today here.


Get done early? First, Respect. Second, This. Video is using Photoshop, but I’m going to give extra credit for anyone that uses Illustrator for the same project. Might require just a little hunting once and a while. 🙂

Done with that? Head over to Comm Tech 1 page and keep going!

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