Week 15-catching up

Well, last week was a 2 day week, and I was out for one of them sick. Sorry for not posting… But rather than make something up for then, I decided to just skip it and get to this week…

Self-portraits are looking AMAZING in the CT1 classes (like Anthony’s image to the left). I’m blown away at how hard some of you guys are working, and especially those that take my advice when you jumped in too fast to review and re-do the pen exercises until it clicked. That IS the secret to the self portrait- understanding the pen. You simply cannot do the project well without mastering that tool. Kudos to you guys who do what you need to to achieve the excellence you want. It’s a great trade, isn’t it?

CT2’s are working on a lot of projects, some great things happening there. Keep it up, especially those of you that took on something from the jobs page. Remember, you can always substitute any job for any project in class… (sometimes 2 if it’s a big one!)

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