Week 13- Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…

The lab got refreshed with Windows 7 64Bit, we’re on the district domain. We’re hammering out the kinks and getting grades in for progress reports (can you believe we’re halfway through the quarter already?)

Stay tuned for our regular scheduled post next week. 😉

Also playing with a new theme. Needed a change. Was going kind of earthy but realized my business cards are all modern so I’ll prob have to keep that. Getting sick of the dark colors… Ugh.


To get to the shared drive for now, you have to dig for it:

  • Click on the Start Menu.
  • Go to Computer on the right pane of the menu
  • Choose “network” from the left hand pane of the window that opens.
  • Look for w2k3861dc (it’s near the bottom) and double click. (if it’s not showing, wait a couple seconds)
  • Look for localapps and double click
  • Look for schwartz and double click
  • Go to student pictures and find your class.


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