Week 0 Career Research

This program is about one thing more than anything else- it’s about YOU.

This first week, instead of starting to learn about the new and amazing things we can do creatively with the computer, I want you to start researching what should be your most important and valuable subject- YOU. High school is a great time, and a transitioning time. You have to start making a lot of decisions that will impact your future at this point. So we’re going to start off learning about what makes you tick, what interests you, and how you are built. Knowing these things can help you make better choices about your class schedule, your free time, your hobbies… and ultimately, your future.

Today’s assignment is easy- simply check out https://access.bridges.com/auth/login.do?sponsor=7 and get a profile created.  Once you’ve done that, then simply click on “Choices planner” and then click on the blue “work” tab on the top. Then start at the top of the section on the right labeled “Connect Yourself To Careers” and do the Items listed there:

  • Interest Profiler
  • Work Values sorter
  • Basic Skills Survery
  • Cluster Finder
  • Workplace Skills Checklist
  • Transferrable skills

These two tools will help you become more aware of what careers would suit you best based on your interests.

THERE ARE NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS HERE! This is about YOU! Please don’t blow this off.  (My teacher login lets me see who has logged in, how much you’ve done, and how long you spent there!) I’ll be making decisions on the way class goes based on general trends in student interests. If you blow this off and don’t take the time to really answer the questions, you won’t learn anything about yourself, and I may start making decisions based on wonky data about how to proceed with class. This is your chance to find out who you are, tell me, and help me make this class better for YOU.

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  1. It’s about learning who you are, how to solve problems, and how to communicate with the best possible means and in the most beautiful way. There will be a lot of computer skills and graphics and design work along the way, but it’s a good time!

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