Unleashing the Inner Artist

[singlepic id=39 w=320 h=240 float=left]More than half of the CT1 students are already certified and the number grows daily. So now we’re starting to branch out and cover the actual ART of photoshop and digital design. I want the CT1’s to start working on the new project experimenting with line. We’re going to do some projects that force a focus on all the elements and principles. The goal here is to SEE and to THINK in a new way. Make sure you get these rules. It’s the only way to move from technically proficient to artistic.

CT2’s should be finishing the self portrait (typographic) or working on your own inspiring piece of art. The wall of fame awaits.

10/12– No school yesterday. I’m sure there was a lot of COD2 going on in Palm Beach!!! Today, there’s a new project up for CT1’s working with a new program and exploring SHAPE!!! Remember- the goal is to let your mind shift. Become creative. Think outside the elemntary school ways of doing things. Start thinking and expressing yourself. Oh, and CT1’s and II’s that need something else to do, Knock one of these out

3 thoughts on “Unleashing the Inner Artist”

  1. The wall of fame just seems too far away!
    The typographic will also take me some more time since I restarted, but I will use the expert picture taker thing at the front of class.

  2. It’s not too far… but it’s not at your feet. That’s the goal of the WOF- to make you get up and take that journey toward excellence.

    Like everything worth anything, it’s not easily obrained by everyone. It’s obtained by the few that decide to take the extra effort….

  3. Schwartz, your words of wisdom have inspired me. I will go forth and take the effort to reach THE WALL OF FAME! =D

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