The NQL Experiment

So… I realized that I can easily get distracted, stuck in my own design or technical ruts, and that I can loose touch with the applications I teach by only teaching them. So this post is the beginning of the NQLE- The Never Quit Learning Experiment. It’s for myself, other teachers, and former students to post to the site to demonstrate their commitment to the Cause. This is my first entry… and here is where I got the inspiration.

Tips to make it easier/Tips for pros- Learn to use textured brushes to make the uneven letter outlines. Use masks to create the letters rather than selections. Experiment with colors more and blending modes/layers. Adjustment layers/smart objects/masks… KEEP YOUR WORKFLOW AS NON-DESTRUCTIVE AS POSSIBLE!!! Layer groups and learn to group groups to manipulate the group without affecting the whole image with adjustment layers.

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