The Final Countdown…

The final for our class will be a portfolio of your work. You’ll need to create a website with all of your work in it. I’ll have the tutorial up in the next couple days about how to do it, but for now you can begin gathering your work and making sure you have all of your assignments so far in a folder called “final collection.” You can also start working on your “about me” page in wordpad or Dreamweaver. This will be 3 paragraphs about 3 things you liked most about this class, 3 things you liked least, and how this class has changed your way of looking at the world.  This last paragraph can be specifically related to art and design, or about the character/attitude/atmosphere things we’ve discussed in here in the past.

Some students asking where the insightful posts are lately. Not sure.  Been hectic ’round up in here!!







Quick Summary for the Attention-challenged:

  1. DOWNLOAD THIS FILE and save it into your folder of work
  2. Right click on the file and choose “Extract All…”
  3. This makes a folder called “portfolio” with a file named “index.html” in it.
  4. Open Dreamweaver and open this “index.html” file in your portfolio folder and edit it with your own information.
  5. I’ll tell you in class how to put all your images in a slideshow using Bridge.



4 thoughts on “The Final Countdown…”

  1. Heather Kendall

    Is there any way to get the stuff that we did from the first quarter off of the computer if we didnt save it to a flash drive?

  2. yeah- I unlocked the old quarters. Should be able to get back into them all now, go to your portfolio, and DL what you’re missing.

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