Testing Week- Winter Diagnostics


Design is not the narrow application of formal skills, it is a way of thinking.
Chris Pullman

All right gang! Testing week!! (YAY!!) I know your brains are frazzled- so relax. Easy projects this week. Doodle out a logo design. When you do, start thinking about letters as elements of design. We often need to work with letters as designers for logo design, or for some sort of text-based project. We need to start thinking about letterforms (and number forms) as an extra element of art that as designers, we need to be aware of. CT1 students are working on this new project. Make sure you’ve completed line and shape before working on this. Those projects will help you get into that creative mode. Start exploring the ways to trigger a new idea for yourself when working.

CT2 students- it wouldn’t hurt to look back on these projects and to keep thinking about the elements and principles- ESPECIALLY when working on the cover design for the Technology Conference. I’d love a win out of the lab this year.

And while you’re at it… why not start thinking about what great artists have said? Now way to think about it unless you read about it first…

And speaking about the synectic triggersthis guy (Zach Bush) is AMAZING at using the whole twist and shout and tell a story aspects of the synectic triggers (click this last link for “twist and shout” and “Tell a story” to make sense.)

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