This page is temporary until I can get a little more information on free subscriptions to magazines for Technology Educators. Below is a list of the most popular magazines related specifically to our field. I plan on discussing other magazines that cover technology and computers in general briefly. For now, make sure you have a subscription to all of the magazines and journals below (some are free!)

Professional Journals/Periodicals

Ties Magazine supports technology education and the integration of math, science and technology curriculum mainly in middle, junior and senior high schools.

The Journal of Industrial Teacher Education (JITE) is the journal of the National Association of Industrial and Technical Teacher Educators

The Journal of Technology Education provides a forum for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology education.

Technical Horizons in Education (THE) is a journal devoted to maintaining a high level of technological innovation in Education.

Journal of Vocational and Technical Education (JVE) is a scholarly journal for Vocational/Industrial Arts/Technology Education.

Recommended Magazines

The following magazines are some that I recommend to keep current in the PC world.

PC Magazine- This is a great magazine for keeping up with current trends in the PC world. Click the magazine to find out more.

PC World- Another great magazine that keeps you current with trends and events in the PC world. Click the magazine to find out more.

Mac Magazine- Are you a Mac person? This is the only magazine for mac people there is- Don’t even bother with any others. Click the magazine to find out more.

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