Professional Development (COPE)

The one thing that has made the biggest difference in my career is involved in professional development activities and using the resources offered by various organizations for professional development. This page is devoted to guiding you in finding the resources and organizations that will help you be a better Technology Education teacher.

Resources for professional development come in many forms; Collaboration, Organizations, Publications, and Education. Below are links to pages where I share the positive experiences I’ve had with different professional organizations and resources and how to find the resources most accessible to you at your location.


Go to Collaboration

As a new Technology Education teacher, I was quick to develop a network of other professionals that were also just starting out as a support team. I also developed a good relationship with a few other professionals who had been teaching for years. These professional relationships gave me a network of people to turn to for professional advice, input, and to bounce a few ideas off of. This is the most important place to go for professional development. It’s free and it’s the most helpful resource there is.


Go to Organizations

Being involved in the organizations that focus on our profession is critical for a high level of success in your career. Through the professional organizations linked to our profession you will find the resources and people that will help you develop your program into a truly exceptional one, and offers recognition for teachers that do take their curriculum above and beyond the average.


Go to Publications

Through the professional organizations mentioned above, you can receive many professional publications to give you a consistent flow of ideas and materials for your classroom. Other sources, like this website, offer a constant flow of information and insight into all facets of our profession. This link will discuss some of the professional literature and websites that you can use to help keep your program fresh and current.


Go to Education

Educating yourself for professional development goes way beyond college courses. The most significant training I’ve received comes from conferences and workshops. These events are recurring opportunities for me to hear some of the best people in the profession share their secrets. This section of the site focuses on workshops and conferences and how to get the most out of them.

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