Policies for Labs

This page will eventually be a place to find information on Policies for a Tech Lab, and things that need to be considered at the school or district level.

Here’s what I have right now on this Work In Progress…


On Filtering Internet Access, CIPA, E-Rate issues:

  1. Be informed
    1. First, READ THE ACTUAL CIPA before going to third party sources. Be informed yourself.
    2. Go to the FCC (who regulates CIPA) and read the CIPA requirements РA great summary
    3. Read DOC’s own review of filtering measures and pay attention to concerns of overblocking by the Department Of Commerce!
    4. ALA’s Legal FAQ on CIPA
    5. ALA’s page on filters and filtering. – What can I say? ALA has some GREAT stuff here!!
    6. American Library Association on Censorship Рgreat quotes at the beginning of this article. Are we educators or censors?
  2. Develop a Plan
    1. Doug Johnson’s page is pretty complete… Follow his advice!

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