Brainbuffet has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. I get a lot of questions about my program and my curriculum from other teachers, and I have had some great feedback and questions asked since my presentations at State and National conferences. This section of the site is designed to offer teched teachers around the world some insight into my own program and to share ideas about their own. Most of this is re-purposed from award applications and such, so please pardon the more formal language in some of the articles! 🙂

Equipment List

Equipment List

I get tons of questions about what kind of equipment should go into a technology education lab. This section helps you figure out what would be best for your school and your students. There is no single equipment list that could perfectly serve every school- but there is an easy way to figure out what should be in yours. Find out how to develop an equipment list, where you can save money, and take a look at my dream lab’s equipment list!

Professional Development

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One of the things that has meant the most to me as a Technology Education teacher is the organizations, conferences, and periodicals that are offered to Technology Education Professionals. Without these groups and resources I’d still be teaching a mediocre program running students through repetitive exercises. Nothing has been as valuable to me as a professional as the resources and organizations I’ve found that focus on professional development.

Philosophy & Strategies

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Does it seem like the things I talk about and suggest are totally out of whack with what you’ve seen in other labs? Are you a little confused about why I bother with this web site to share all of this stuff? This section of the site is devoted to sharing my philosophy and ideologies about what Technology Education should be, and what it shouldn’t be. Find out why I don’t focus on the “Module Binders” for my projects. Read some great ideas about classroom and equipment management. Gain valuable insight from other professionals about how their programs became award winning, nationally recognized programs. This is like boot camp for the new professional and brain food for you long-timers!

Promoting Your Program

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This section is for those of you who are having a hard time getting the word out to students, parents, administration, industry, and community how awesome Technology Education is. This section has tips and insight on how to involve these groups with your program so that it is mutually beneficial to you and them both. Get everyone on your side by simply showing them what you’re doing and let them help you make your program even better!