Summer Lovin’- post 1

So here’s my short summer lovin’ posts for those of you that can’t get enough. These will obviously not be so project related since school is out, but I wanted to keep giving some intarweb love over the summer for those of you checking in. This post is just a post of an email that I’ve had to send at least 5 times so far this summer… The answer to the question “What laptop do I buy?”

The following laptops will work perfectly for design and also for video production. First, you need to know that the only thing that really chokes a modern computer is video editing. SO I’ve included info on the videocard you need to get the benefits of Adobe’s MPE using CUDA chipsets. In english, what videocards make your laptop insanely fast in processing video.

Here’s the page I use with all the videocards, and explanations of how to make the “unofficial” cards CUDA/MPE enabled. Save this page:

Here’s what I’d buy if I was getting a laptop right now, in order from best to worst, and also (not suprisingly) most expensive to most affordable. I’m a huge fan of Asus products. Amazing quality and great build. MSI is good also.

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