Assessment Rubric
Points Possible
Brief and specifications (possible points: 5)
Design brief, with no specifications or no problem statement 0
Design brief, but inadequate or minimal problem statement 2
Developed design brief with clear and comprehensive specifications and clearly stated problem 5
Research (possible points: 10)
No or little evidence of investigation or research 0
Some evidence of research about the problem, but lacking depth 5
Evidence of good research and that the student has acquired new knowledge about the nature of the problem, what others have done to solve similar problems, and gathered other information critical to the success of the project 10
Ideation (possible points: 10)
Only one solution considered 0
Two or three solutions generated, but only one solution seriously considered 4
At least three solutions generated, but reasons for rejecting alternatives unclear 7
At least three solutions generated, two seriously considered with reasons stated for rejecting others 10
Developmental work (possible points: 10)
Little evidence of developmental work 0
Some developmental work of average quantity. 3
Good quality developmental work, including sketches; dimensioned drawings and models where appropriate 6
High quality sketches, drawings, renderings and models with attention to aesthetic, materials and assembly 10
Testing (possible points: 10)
Product not tested 0
Product tested, but no presentation of results 5
Product tested with weak presentation of results 8
Product tested with good presentation of results 10
Evaluation (possible points: 10)
No evaluation written 0
Poor evaluation with little thought, intelligent comment, or self-criticism; or containing unjustified self-congratulation 5
Good evaluation containing self-criticism where appropriate. Suggestions about possible alternatives which, if followed, could lead to improvements of the project 8
Good evaluation containing self-criticism where appropriate. Detailed reasons given for the success of the project or details given of the modifications or alterations that would ensure a successful conclusion 10
Prototype (possible points: 40)
No work or very poor work showing no evidence of craftsmanship 0
Generally poor work with little evidence of craftsmanship 15
Average amount of work but with little evidence of care or craftsmanship 25
Average amount of work with several examples of attention to detail 30
Good quantity of work including realistic choice and use of materials where appropriate 35
Evidence of thorough work appropriate to time allotted, Prototype completed with attention to detail. 40
Presentation (possible points: 5)
Poor presentation with no evidence of preparation 0
Fair presentation with some preparation evident 3
Good presentation with demonstration and appropriate media 4
Articulate and well planned presentation with demonstration and appropriate media 5