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Ones need to be right, beyond reproach. An inner critic continually checks for possible faults. They continually try to do what is right, and likewise expect others to do the same. They become cranky when either they or others fail to measure up.

One’s greatest fear is that they might be condemned for failure to adhere to their principles or ideals, whether lofty or trivial. Along with this urge comes a vigilance and an attention to detail.

Finding Oneself:

Ones will probably agree with most of the following statements:

  1. I put much effort into correcting my faults.
  2. I’m often bothered because things aren’t the way they should be.
  3. I hate to waste time.
  4. I often blame myself for not doing better.
  5. Often the least flaw can ruin the whole thing for me.
  6. I have trouble relaxing and being playful.
  7. I frequently have a sense of urgency that time is running out and there is still so much left to do.
  8. If something isn’t fair, it really bothers me.
  9. I get angry when I see others “getting away with it”.
  10. I normally see things as either right or wrong.




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Twos are driven by a need to be loved, to be needed, to be appreciated. To get that love, they express love and devotion more freely than most: they become helpers,” interested in the welfare of others, and in doing things for others.

Their love, however, is not truly free; they expect repayment. Often they establish dependency relationships which art in effect, a form of bribery to get the love they so badly need. Twos are usually unwilling, even unable, to acknowledge that all their efforts to please and gratify are motivated by their own strong needs for love and approval.

Finding Oneself:

Twos will probably agree with most of the following statements:

  1. Many people depend on my help and generosity.
  2. I take more pride in my service of others than in anything else.
  3. I need to feel important in other people’s lives. I like people to need me.
  4. I seem to have personal radar for the detection of moods and preferences of others.
  5. Each of my friends brings out a different part of me.
  6. I am attracted to difficult relationships.
  7. I don’t feel that I have that many needs.
  8. I believe that gaining approval is equal to gaining love.
  9. When I have time off, I frequently spend it helping others.
  10. Having a sense of personal freedom is very important to me.




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Threes need the attention of others: they need to be recognized and even admired by others. Their own personal value comes not so much from how they view themselves as from the prestige and status that other people assign to them. They are compelled to avoid failure.

Success is more important to Threes than just about anything else in their lives, and so they tend to invest themselves totally in their work. They often sacrifice themselves to their jobs and careers and expect the same of others. They are good at rallying people because of their dedication to success, which they define in terms of achieving a goal or realizing a vision. They do not get bogged down in details. Although usually cooperative, they typically have difficulty forming intimate relationships and they are frequently uncomfortable with their own feelings.

Finding Oneself.

Threes will probably agree with most of the following statements:

  1. I like to keep myself on the go.
  2. I identify with achievement and performance.
  3. Being able to get things organized and accomplished just seems to come natural to me.
  4. “Success” is a word that means a lot to me.
  5. I like to have clear goals set and to know where I stand on the way toward those goals.
  6. I firmly believe that status and respect must be earned.
  7. Projecting a successful image is very important to me.
  8. Making decisions are not a problem for me.
  9. I usually do not stop working long enough to ask myself how I feel about what I am doing.
  10. I’ll be happy after the next promotion.




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Fours have a strong need to understand themselves and to express that understanding aesthetically. In their drive for self-understanding they may become self-absorbed and self-conscious. Fours frequently feel different from others. Fours unconsciously focus their attention on the finer points of what is missing, so that by comparison, what is available seems to lack appeal. Fours thrive on being important in the lives of other people, especially important people.

Finding Oneself:

Fours will probably agree with most of statements:

  1. I have the sense of something missing from life.
  2. I try to look casual and natural.
  3. I have always had an attraction for symbolism.
  4. People don’t feel as deeply as I do.
  5. I like to do things properly and with class.
  6. My environmental surroundings are very important to me.
  7. It’s easy for me to distinguish between “the best,” and “the best known.”
  8. I don’t like to think of myself as being ordinary or having an ordinary problem.
  9. I find myself swinging back and forth between highs and lows. Either I’m very up or very down, I don’t feel very alive when I’m in the middle.
  10. People have accused me of being overly dramatic, but they really don’t understand how I feel.




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Five’s are observers: they have an overwhelming need to understand the environment and therefore are curious about everything. They tend to satisfy that curiosity by standing at the periphery rather than by getting centrally involved, or by investing heavily in their own units while sacrificing their relations with the larger organization. They frequently are knowledgeable in numerous areas and seem to enjoy learning purely for the sake of learning. This desire for knowledge may be generated by a need to protect themselves from an environment that they see as unpredictable or capricious. Five’s use their knowledge as the raw material for building expertise, models, world views or organizations that serve as a home base for them. Not surprisingly, they are the most intellectually gifted of the types. In addition, they are highly independent-minded and are sensitive to outside forces that might deprive them of their independence.

Finding Oneself.

Five’s will probably agree with most of the following statements:

  1. I tend to keep my feelings to myself.
  2. I like to know what will happen ahead of time.
  3. I don’t know how to engage in small talk very well.
  4. Intellectually I like to synthesize and put together different ideas.
  5. I need much private time and space.
  6. I often sit back and observe other people rather than get involved.
  7. I seem to be more silent than most others People often ask me that I’m thinking.
  8. I have trouble reaching out or asking for what I need.
  9. If an issue comes up, I like to first work it out by myself, then go discuss it with others.
  10. I like to put things in perspective, to step back and take everything in. If I leave anything out, I accuse myself of being so simplistic or naive.





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Sixes need security and they look for that security in loyalty to someone or something outside themselves. They want boundaries within which to operate, rules to follow, an authority figure to whom they can give their allegiance. The rules or structure reduce uncertainty, as does loyalty. Because they are so dependent on the expectations of others, they live with a greater amount of anxiety than other types. Sixes are sensitive to the possibility of worst case outcomes and so tend to imagine the worst, without realizing that they have not paid equal attention to imagining the best.

Finding Oneself.

Sixes probably will agree with most of the following statements.

  1. It’s easy for me to identify with underdog causes.
  2. Loyalty to a group is very important to me.
  3. I often look for hidden meaning in other people’s behavior.
  4. I take a long time to make up my mind because I need to explore the options fully.
  5. Sometimes I get caught in “nonstop taking” talking and analysis replace acting.
  6. I like to be very sure where other people stand before acting.
  7. I often tend to operate out of a sense of duty and responsibility.
  8. I sometimes think that I run on a negative memory track.
  9. I prefer to have things scheduled rather than open-ended.
  10. It bothers me that I may outdo my parents.

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Sevens have a fear of being deprived, of being in pain. They tend to be lighthearted and sunny, often addicted to planning and play. Sevens are buoyed by a belief that life is unlimited — there are always interesting things to do.

Finding Oneself:

Sevens will probably agree with most of the following statements:

  1. I tend to make things interesting, to make things nice.
  2. There are very few things in life which I can’t enjoy.
  3. I usually look on the bright side of things and don’t look for the negative side of life.
  4. “I must be defective if I need help.”
  5. People say I’m often the life of the party.
  6. I often feel stuck and bored with commitment — I like to keep my options open.
  7. I tend to be very enthusiastic about the future.
  8. I seem to be attached to youth and energy.
  9. Most of the time I avoid getting into really “heavy” issues.
  10. I find myself expressing anger by making fun of the problem.





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Eight’s need to be powerful to make their own way in life. They are motivated to maintain territorial control over anything that can influence their lives and by the desire to stay on top in any power struggle Of all the Enneagram types, they are the most openly aggressive. They are dominant figures both at work and at home.

They enjoy being strong and judge others according to whether those others are strong or weak. They also enjoy confronting others, and are even willing to take on the whole power structure if they feel a need for radical change. Eight’s are courageous and will crusade for what they believe in. They bring abundant energy to meeting challenges at work or elsewhere.

They are “natural leaders.” Their overwhelming self-confidence is contagious and can generate in others the energy that is necessary to accomplish monumental tasks.

Finding Oneself:

Eight’s probably will agree with most of the following statements:

  1. I am very good at standing up and fighting for what I want.
  2. I have difficulty with compromise.
  3. I am not afraid to confront other people and I do confront them.
  4. I enjoy the exercise of power.
  5. I am an aggressive, self-assertive person.
  6. l know how to get things done.
  7. I get bored easily and like to keep moving.
  8. Justice and injustice are key issues for me.
  9. Generally, I don’t care much for introspection or too much self-analysis.
  10. I think of myself as a non-conformist.




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Nines need to avoid conflict and tension. They want to preserve harmony with others (or at least with key others) and to keep peace whatever the cost. They are often suite capable of ignoring anything which might disturb this essential harmony. They also prefer things to remain stable, and they resist change or disruption.

Finding Oneself.

Nines probably will agree with most of the following statements:

  1. I often have difficulty in saying “no.”
  2. Most things in life aren’t worth getting upset about.
  3. I find that I often dip in and out Of conversations, thinking of several things at once.
  4. The most important things to be done are left to the end Of the day.
  5. While there are some differences, I feel most people are pretty much the same.
  6. I hate to waste energy. I look for energy-saving approaches to things.
  7. I become very stubborn when I feel pushed by others.
  8. I can be a dispassionate arbiter because one side is as good as the other.
  9. I’m really sensitive about having my efforts overlooked, criticized, discounted.
  10. I tend to play things down to get other people settled down.


  1. I AM 123 AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    • You’re really only one of those… read the quick summary of all 3 and decide which is decribing you best.


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