2.4-Tech Conference Cover

Here’s the annual Cover design for the Tech Conference. All the info you need is in this file:

Download the Call For Program Designs 2012.

Project Scenario:

This is a REAL contest with the opportunity for REAL cash prizes for those of you who apply yourselves (and if the judges dig what you create :-P). Every year, the district has a tech conference. Students develop the cover of the Conference booklet. And the cool thing… First place gets not only $$500 CASH, but A FULL COPY OF AN ADOBE SUITE OF PRODUCTS!!! (That’s worth $600 bones!!!) Second and third also get smaller cash prizes… but of course, you have to be in the top 3 to get anything. The school can only send 5 in, so I’ll be sending in the best 5. The specs are all in the attachment. Good Luck!!!

Project Objectives:

Create a Cover for the county tech fair booklet


  • Create an 17×11 inch design at 300DPI.
  • The image MUST be landscape orientation- it will be the cover of a booklet.
  • The final image should be CMYK- verify colors after conversion
  • The image should reflect this year’s message: “We Have an App for That: Innovative Teachers
  • You must develop at least 3 ideas before beginning to work on your final design. That design needs to be approved by Schwartz before you beging working.
  • All images in your design must be free to use for commercial use, as the image will be reproduced in magazines and on posters produced and distributed.
  • Retain information on all public domain or Creative Commons images including links to the download page for each image so that permissions can be verified.
  • create a web-safe jpeg image with maximum dimension at 1000pixels
  • Preflight the image and create an offset friendly PDF document for printing.
  • **Re-verify specs at official site here!!! Download the Call For Program Designs 2012***




  • Use the normal stock photo sites… and MAKE SURE they’re royalty free!!!


  • This is a tech conference. Keep that in mind, as well as the THEME!!!!
  • Don’t just start working on a project… THINK about what you want to do.
  • Get high quality images… Check the free stock photo sites we always use.
  • Be sure to design properly- You should use the TEMPLATE file and know what the lines mean.


Check out the Judging Criteria section of the attached document from the county.


  • Develop a logo for the Educational Technology Department of the School Board.
  • Create a presentation that could be given at a tech conference.

Time Allotted:

1-2 weeks

Former Winners:

2010 Finalists:

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