1.25- Typographic Logo (ACA)

Project Scenario:

You should have seen this coming. The  Boss’s self help group was actually some weird cult and the Guru was arrested for money laundering and conspiracy. Your boss was also charged with illegal business practices and tax evasion. Good news is no more weird boss. Bad news is no more job.

But you’re not concerned a bit because you learned so much over the last few weeks, and your work was so impressive, that many of the customers from the print shop want to hire you for freelance design. You need to quickly set up a business and get a logo out there for brand identity.

Project Objective:

Create a typographic logo


  • The Document must be 5×7 inches @300 in CMYK for print
  • The image must include a solid fill layer as a background (leave the negative space)
  • The image must have multiple text layers
  • The text layers must be saved in a group
  • View a document in Print Size view
  • Soft proof the image
  • Save as gif or png for the web (and understand which one to use)
  • Save the image as a photoshop document (.psd) called ”107logo-lastname” in your Photoshop files folder (i.e. 107logo-smith.psd)
  • Use layer styles to add effects and save as a style
  • Replace colors in an image
  • Print a contact sheet of all your images

Concepts Learned:

  • Document setup for Print
  • Create a new fill layer
  • Understand negative space
  • Understand vectors
  • Enter, edit, and format text
  • Change horizontal scale of a text layer
  • Understand fonts
  • Understand layer styles and styles (they’re 2 different things!)
  • Apply default styles and save a layer style
  • Show rulers, add guides
  • View in print size and soft proofing
  • Replace colors
  • Save for web as gif or png (understand differences)
  • Printing Contact Sheets


  • Computer Workstation
  • Adobe Photoshop (CS3 or better)



  • Make sure you understand all the ways to manipulate text on the image.
  • Start paying attention to negative space! It’s an important concept (along with the rest of the Elements and Principles).
  • Print a contact sheet of your whole folder instead of choosing individual images.


Does the logo look creative? Did you pay attention to the elements and principles? Do you have any creative uses of the Elements and Principles?


  • Come up with more ideas for you logo. Change the feel of each one.
  • Develop another logo for a company that already exists
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