1.28- Desktop Wallpaper

Project Scenario:

Sites that have a big draw to them offer desktop wallpapers. Some sites exist only to supply desktop wallpapers to visitors. Using the tools you learned in the last couple weeks, create a desktop wallpaper image in Photoshop.

Project Objective:

Create Desktop Wallpaper .


  • The image must be 1280×1024.
  • The image must be modified using at least 2 filter effects or image adjustments.
  • The image must be completely original or modified significantly from the original image/tutorial used (don’t just copycat)
  • The image can be abstract or concrete.
  • The image must be saved as a .jpg file
  • The image should look really stinkin’ cool.


Computer Workstation
Graphics software (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Paint)


The Interwebs 🙂
Check out the diigo group for my faves


Look at some of the sites that offer desktop wallpapers tutorials or the inspiration sites like abduzeedo.
If you need good images, check sxc.hu  and morguefile.com for good, high quality images.
Pick a theme or start from scratch with a tutorial.
Make sure your background image is not too high in contrast. It will make it difficult to see the icons on your desktop and read text.


Is the image original? Is the image the right size and format for desktop wallpaper? Does the image obscure the text or icons on the desktop?


Create a desktop wallpaper for a company or product.
Create a story that goes along with your desktop wallpaper image.
Create a series of wallpapers following the same “theme.”

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