1.26- Digital You

Things are going great. You’ve been contacted by a local non-profit to create an image to be used to promote good choices and character. The group wants images of people surrounded and swirling with good, positive things. They are planning a series of these ads, so feel free to experiment with a couple different ideas. You need to create an image that shows a person (use your own image to begin with if you have one) and then a lot of healty hobbies or activities that they can participate in.


Create a composite image in Photoshop.


  • The image must be 8×10, 300dpi, RGB.
  • You must set up guides using the rule of thirds
  • The image must include a photograph a person (get your pic from the CTNAS)
  • You must understand Raw Images
  • Crop an image with the crop tool
  • Use the inverse command to make easy selections
  • You must create a saved selection of your outline
  • You must make the image of yourself a smart object
  • You must apply a smart filter to your picture
  • You must add at least 3 text layers and group them in the layers palette in a group called “text”
  • You must use a scatter brush (like the grass or leaves)
  • You must create a shadow of yourself using a gradient
  • Save the image as a .psd called 106weirdness-lastname (i.e. 106weirdness-schwartz.psd)
  • Save the image as a TIFF or PDF for high quality print.
  • PRint the image in a picture package with (1) 5×7 and (2) 3×5
  • You must scale the image down for the internet (max 1000 px in either dimension) and use the appropriate resampling method
  • Save as jpeg in the photoshop images folder called 106weirdness-lastname.jpg


Concepts Learned:

  • Rule of thirds
  • RAW images
  • Smart objects and Smart Filters
  • Saving selections
  • Loading selections
  • Gradients
  • Brush Presets
  • grouping layers
  • Picture Packages
  • Resizing images and resampling methods
  • Unsharp Mask
  • Understand TIFF and PDF documents
  • Save as jpeg


  • Computer Workstation
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Digital Camera


  • Software Tutorials and User’s Guides
  • Tutorial books in the design library
  • Online Resources


  • Take the picture of yourself against a solid colored wall to make it easier to select yourself


Does the image look like it was never retouched? Is it the right size? Does it look kind of weird and mystical?


  • Create another poster using the skills you aquired to promote an idea, hobby, band, or personal hero of yours. (no need for the weirdness in this one!)
  • Take it farther- check out this CT2 project.
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