1.23- Power Quote

dodonotProject Scenario:

So things are going well at work! The boss loves your work and decides to use your skill to create a motivational poster series that he wants to give to clients. (He just joined this self-help group and he’s really excited about it- so he’s always talking to you about energy analysis and mystical planes…) You’re tasked with finding a positive character trait (courage, honesty, compassion, responsibility, etc) and creating a postcard with that word and a quote related to it. He doesn’t want to use any photos in the image, just text! See what you can do to impress him!

Project Objective:

Create a Character postcard


  • The Document must be 5.5×7.5 inches @300 in CMYK
  • The image must include a solid fill layer as a background
  • The image must have both horizontal and vertical text layers
  • Use layer styles to add effects and save as a style
  • Add guides to your image
  • View a document in Print Size view
  • Soft proof the image
  • Replace the color of an element in the image
  • Save for the web and know when to use GIF and JPEG
  • Save the image as a photoshop document (.psd) called ”104postcard-lastname” in your Photoshop files folder (i.e. 104postcard-smith.psd)

Concepts Learned:

  • Document setup for Print
  • Create a new fill layer
  • Understand vectors
  • Enter, edit, and format text
  • Change horizontal scale of a text layer
  • Understand fonts and when to use which types
  • Understand layer styles and styles (they’re 2 different things!)
  • Apply default styles and save a layer style
  • Show rulers, add guides
  • View in print size and soft proofing
  • Save for web and as .psd


  • Computer Workstation
  • Adobe Photoshop (CS3 or better)



  • Make sure you understand all the ways to manipulate text on the image.
  • USE GUIDES!!! learn to use them to control your image and help in layout.


Does the layout look creative? Did you include horizontal text? Did you learn how to scale the text?


  • Use the example at the top of this page and design your own poster
  • Develop another poster with the same quote and a different layout.
  • Develop other posters with other quotes and character traits.
  • Develop a poster that has an important message that YOU believe in!
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