1.21- Photo Correction Basics

redeyeProject Scenario:

We’ve all seen the dreaded red-eye that turns your cute baby brother or uncle joe into a posessed person! What a way to ruin a photograph! And of course, we also have seen developed film that over time has lost it’s color or started to get that color cast to it (like dad in his first car or grampa’s army pictures.)  Well, today at work, your boss brought in a couple pictures for you to fix and you want to make a good impression on your first day! Knock out these easy fixes and get in good with the boss.

Project Objective:

Correct redeye and colors in a photo.


  • Load the default workspace
  • Customize the Photoshop workspace
  • Save your own modified workspace
  • Auto correct the white balance in the image
  • Fix redeye with the redeye tool
  • Use unsharp mask to sharpen edges in the photo
  • Save edited images as jpeg
  • Save images as .psd
  • Convert an image to black and white

Concepts Learned:

  • Workspace
  • Arrange Palettes
  • Save custom workspace
  • Redeye tool
  • Auto Color Balance (white balance)
  • Unsharp Mask
  • Convert image to black and white
  • Save as .psd
  • Save as jpeg


  • Computer Workstation
  • Adobe Photoshop (CS3 or better)
  • Damaged image


  • Software Tutorials and User’s Guides
  • Tutorial books in the design library
  • ACATestPrep videos


  • Make sure you understand the workspace and how to customize it for your own personal work flow.
  • Some tools are hidden in the toolbar. Learn where they all live!
  • Understand how to quickly adjust color balance and fix redeye
  • Make sure you explore the different ways you can adjust an image in black and white. It’s a POWERFUL feature! Never use desaturate or convert to greyscale again!


Do the images look like they were never retouched? Are the colors natural looking?


  • Bring in pictures from home and correct them.
  • Find another image image online and correct it.
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