1.12- Introduction to the Pen Tool

Project Scenario:

We’ve worked a lot with other illustrator tools- Now it’s time for the secret weapon. This set of tutorials is to help you understand the pen tool and how to work with this incredibly powerful tool that is the base for many of the advanced features of most programs. This is an absolutely critical tool to use, and though it’s a little weird to use at first, it will soon just “click” and you’ll be able to use it. It’s all just a matter of working with it.

Project Objectives:

Create simple shapes using the pen tool.





  • GET COMFY with the tools. You’ll need this forever. This tool separates the newbies from the pros… and guess what? It’s in like EVERY graphics program that’s out there and cool. 3D, After Effects, Photoshop… you’ll NEED this tool. Trust me.
  • USE THE FORCE- Don’t get too frustrated by concentrating too hard. Just keep trying and deleting when it’s messed up. This is a tool that you kind of have to develop muscle memory on… you can’t think your way through it… you have to let it flow through you and become one with the tool. Say the mantra… “I AM the pen tool. I AM the pen tool.”


Illustrator document demonstrating mastery of all concepts in specifications. Final Design Image.


  • Create a web page that is a tutorial for other students doing this activity. Explain in detail (with graphics) a specific concept related to this project.
  • Create a portrait of a friend or celebrety
  • Create a still life in the same or different style from your portrait (building, object, famous art, landmark)

State Standards Met:

See Specifications**

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