1.10- Illustrator Trendy Design

Project Scenario:

So last project we got to use some really cool tools in Illustrator that helped us draw irregular, more organically shaped objects. This project takes it even farther and introduces some of the really cool 3D aspects of Illustrator. We will also explore the power of blends (some AMAZING uses of blends out there on the internet) and the Adobe Kuler panel- which is a great way to explore color combinations. And then to top it off, we’ll be using some really cool tricks to use custom brushes and symbols (you can download many from the internet) and even create your own for truly custom and unique designs.

Project Objective:

Explore the 3d and brush tools in Illustrator.


  • Learn the cool tools and experiment with each tool after each video. (save the experiments as 110original-lastname for extra credit)
  • Create a new, original design using the tools you’ve learned- It’s gotta be different from the one in the tutorials. AT LEAST USE YOUR OWN NAME.
  • Save the document as 110trendy-username (ie””) in your files folder
  • Save another copy for web with a maximum dimension of 1000 pixels for uploading to the lab. Use “110-username” as the file name so we can always know who’s work that is if it hits the wall or web! (replace username with your online lab login name).

Concepts Learned:

  • Illustrator Workspace
  • 3d objects
  • Blends
  • Brushes
  • Creating Custom Brushes
  • Creating Custom Shapes


  • Adobe Illustrator



  • WATCH ALL OF THE VIDEOS AND FOLLOW ALONG!!! Don’t just watch the first 5 seconds. There’s lots of good mojo in there (if I do say so myself.)
  • Try to understand the tools- don’t just follow along. The goal here is to LEARN, not to copy me. You’re going to need to do something original, so think about it. Don’t fall into monkey-see, monkey-do mode. Problem Solving, remember?
  • When you create cool brushes and symbols, be sure to back them up and save them in a set on your flash drive… Don’t let that goodness disappear!


Did you create an original image? Did you save it in the proper folder with the proper name? Did you use the rubric and do your documentation (or journaling?)


  • Create an extra image using the skills you learned in your tutorials

State Standards Met:

6.0,7.0, 8.0, 9.1,9.4, 9.5, 10.0, 12.1-4, 19.1, 19.9

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