E&P1- Elements and Principles Research

Project Scenario:

This week will be focused on introducing you to the Elements and Principles of design.

Project Objectives:

Research and present information on the Elements and Principles of Design


  • Research the Element and Principles of Art & Design. 19.01, 13.01
  • Create a Powerpoint Presentation that explains the Elements and Principles. (19.02,3,7,8,9; 13.0)
  • Create one slide for each E&P.
  • Save the file in your files folder as “101-Lastname” (ie- 101-schwartz.ppt)


  • Do the E&P Research
  • Fold a piece of paper into fourths, creating 4 boxes on the page.
  • Define and demonstrate the E&P’s in these boxes. You’ll need 2 sheets to get to them all


  • Pencil/paper
  • Microsoft Office (or equivalent software for word processing and Presentations)
  • Computers for access to network and internet



  • Be sure that you always save to your network drive. This way, if something happens to your computer, the file will still be on the server (which is backed up for safety).
  • UNDERSTAND your principle or Element before creating the slide or square … This will help you make wise choices about how to design it.
  • Make sure your slide show conveys the right meaningof your term.
  • Learn how to use GOOGLE. It’s a great search engine.



Powerpoint Presentation or paper contains all the E&P’s. Consistent design and example images of each E&P.

State Standards Met:

See Specifications**

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