1.07-E&P7- PSA for the World

Project Scenario:

This week you will be creating a poster that conveys something important to you. This project is also focused on introducing you to the Principles of Design. It’s difficult to separate them, as they all work together. Keep in mind that your design should reflect the following:

  • Emphasis (focal point)- Use contrast and position to draw attention to the right elements in the right order. Make sure the most important thing is the first thing you see. All the other principles should support this.
  • Contrast– Using differences in the elements and/or principles creates contrast. Keeping things similar creates unity. Using these properly will help focus on your focal point.
  • Balance– Make sure the placement of the elements on your poster suggest balance and that the design doesn’t feel “lopsided” (unless that’s what you want to convey!) Pay a lot of attention to alignment and position/proximity between elements.
  • Rhythm- Use tension in the chaos or order of your piece to convey a message. Repeating elements and patters convey a sense of design. Irregular patterns suggest chaos.
  • Scale/Proportion– Use tension in the size of elements with each other or in the space to convey different feeling.
  • Flow (Movement )- Tension in direction. Encourage the viewer to view your design in the order you intended. Create visual heirarchy and movement in the design by using repetition, gradation, pattern, and line (especially suggested line) to direct the viewer’s focus where you intend it to go.

When you design your poster, be sure to use the elements and principles to create visual impact, and to convey the feeling of your topic.

Project Objectives:

Create a “Personal Service Announcement”- a poster that promotes something important to you. (Favorite Quote, Peace, anti-pollution, anti-smoking, anti-drunk driving, or a character trait)


  • SKETCH YOUR IDEAS FIRST- come up with at least 3 decent ideas before you get working. No sketches, no grade!
  • Look at these STUDENT EXAMPLES FROM OUR SCHOOL, and also   the Maclab’s 0809 and MACLAB 0910 Posters.
  • Watch the videos in the designlab sandbox to learn more about the Principles of Design.
  • Create a poster using Adobe Illustrator to promote an idea important to you.
  • The poster should be 11×17.
  • You can use any tools available to you in the program.
  • Avoid downloaded images, as very few of them will have the resolution necessary for an image this size. Create your own work.
  • Save your work as “107PSA-lastname” in illustrator (.ai) format.
  • Save another copy for web with a maximum dimension of 1000 pixels for uploading to the lab. Use “107-username” as the file name so we can always know who’s work that is if it hits the wall or web! (replace username with your online lab login name).


  • Computer Workstation
  • Adobe Illustrator



  • Pick something that means something to you… It makes the project a lot more engaging!
  • Review the principles and elements before starting. Use your Synectic triggers.
  • Remember the 13 rules and the percy principles!
  • Learn how to use GOOGLE. It’s a great search engine.
  • Make sure that all images and themes are school appropriate. Even if the message is OK, the way it’s communicated must also be OK.
  • Check for websites about your topic for images or ideas. Research how others have solved similar problems.


One poster, 11×17, in Illustrator, that conveys an important message, demonstrating the use of the Elements and Principles of Design.

State Standards Met:

See Specifications**

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