1.05-E&P5-Element of Typography-Typographic Logo


Typefaces and text are not generally considered design elements, but they’re critical in the toolbox of any designer.  Because of the incredible versatility there is with a computer, you can create logos out of nothing but text. Design a simple logo using type as a design element.

Project Objective:

Create a Company Logo using text.

Team Size:

One member per team. This is an individual project.


  • First, you should always look at example work. Check out the Maclab Logos HERE.  You may benefit by looking at some of the other videos on that page! (here are older galleries look at all of them also! 0809 | 0910 | 1011) – Some of these have shapes as well… but focus on those that are text only.
  • Watch these videos!
  • THEN WATCH THIS ONE  from the mac lab. Get the idea about simplicity?
  • First, explore every font on your computer. Make sure you have an idea of what’s available to you.
  • The logo must be done using Adobe Illustrator.
  • The logo must use your first and last name and the phrase “Graphic Designer” (you can also use your screen name for class)
  • The log MUS T NOT use any shapes, lines, or other graphical elements. TEXT ONLY.
  • You must design at least 5 different logo ideas.
  • Your logos must demonstrate a knowledge of kerning, tracking, leading, spacing, and other font specifications.
  • Save the document you create as “105typologo-lastname” in your folder. All 5 logos should fit on one page.
  • Also save the document for the web as a GIF or JPEG file.


  • Computer Workstation
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • A little creativity!!!


• A general introduction to typography on the web:
• Guidelines for print typography:
• What typography is, featuring type used on letterhead, envelopes, business cards, flyers, and
• The difference between type on the web and in print and how to bring the two together:…
• A tutorial on type and page layout:
• Typography for web design:…


  1. This project is about experimentation and limitation. Explore how much can be done with a limited set of tools… but use ALL of the aspects of the tools!!!
  2. Make sure you have included multiple versions of the same logo with slightly different colors/character formatting/alignment
  3. I know you’ll be tempted to manipulate the text and add shapes. Don’t… That’s coming right up, though!!!


Your project will be evaluated on the strength and beauty of your logos. Do they represent you well? Do they have different “feeling?” Have you experimented with all the tools and settings?? Did you come up with 5 ideas?


  • Find a web site that relates to this project and summarize it in one or two sentences. Give it a rating of one to five stars concerning it’s usefulness to solving problems in this scenario.
  • Create a web page that is a tutorial for other students doing this activity. Explain in detail (with graphics) a specific concept related to this project.
  • Research careers related to this project. Write a report on careers related to Graphic Design.
  • Create a logo for your school, one of your subject areas, or for a school club
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