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Developing a logo is an important step for any company. This one simple graphic will represent a company and give the public a first impression of who that company is from now on. You have been assigned the task of designing a corporate logo for a local firm. You will meet with the president of the firm and find out what exactly he or she wants to convey about their company. Remember to use the Elements and Principles to help you make decisions about the logo’s design.

Project Objective:

Create a Company Logo.

Team Size:

One member per team. This is an individual project.


  • The logo must use the initials of your name.
  • Before working on a final sketch of any one design, you must develop 50 different logo ideas using your initials. Brainstorm! These are quick sketched and ideas.
  • Then redraw your favorite 5 ideas again with more detail- see if you can mix and match them for another new idea.
  • From these better drawings, pick your favorite.
  • The final design idea must be 4″ x 4″ and completed in pen or marker on blank paper.
  • Your logo can use color if you wish, but you also need to keep in mind that a good logo also looks fine in black and white. If you choose to use color in your logo, also submit a black and white copy also.


  • Pencil/paper/markers/colored pencils
  • A little creativity!!!



  1. When you are developing your ideas, try to break down the 50 logos into sections. Here’s what I suggest:
    1. Create 5 logos using capital letters
    2. Create 5 logos using lowercase letters
    3. Create 5 logos using a mix of capital and lowercase letters
    4. Create 5 logos using simple lines and shapes integrated with your letters (Hint: use negative space!!)
    5. Create 5 logos that represent an object or include an object with the letters (pen, butterfly, gears, etc…)
    6. Now, take those logo ideas and develop more.. play with them, combine them, take them a step farther…
  2. After you have at least 50 logos, look at them and pick your favorite 5. if there are interesting ways to combine a couple of these five in different ways, force yourself to come up wth at least 3 more ideas by mixing up your favorite five.
  3. Think about all the Synectic Triggers you can use for thinking abou thow to combine, dissect, reshape, modify etc…  the letters.
  4. Sketch a large image (4″x4″) with pencil an scratch paper and tweak all the angles and lines before copying onto a clean sheet of paper for your final design.
  5. Make sure that you’re careful when drawing your final design! It needs to be nearly camera-ready.



Your project will be evaluated on the strength and beauty of your logo. Does it represent you well? Is the final sketch well drawn? Did you come up with 50 ideas?


  • Find a web site that relates to this project and summarize it in one or two sentences. Give it a rating of one to five stars concerning it’s usefulness to solving problems in this scenario.
  • Create a web page that is a tutorial for other students doing this activity. Explain in detail (with graphics) a specific concept related to this project.
  • Research careers related to this project. Write a report on careers related to Graphic Design.
  • Create a logo for your school, one of your subject areas, or for a school club
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