1.02-E&P2-Element of Line

Project Scenario:

This week will be focused on introducing you to the Elements of Line and Space. The simplest elements are often ignored. There is so much that you can do with a simple line, and placing it in the right area of the document to use the space itself to communicate a message. This exercise will help you understand that lines alone, and the placement of elements on a page (using space) can convey feeling.

Project Objectives:

Create 12 examples of the use of line and space to create feeling.


  • Create three posters using guide lines in Photoshop to create 4 uneven divisions of each page. In other words, create 4 squares on each page, each square having different size and shape. (12 total)
  • In each square of each page, use the brush tool to create a line that communicates feeling. Try to choose the feeling first, and then pick the square that most communicates that feeling to you. (19.02,3,7,8,9; 13.0)
  • You may only change the brush settings, do not use colors or other tools. You can change the stroke, style, and tip of the brush, or other brush settings.
  • Use the text tool to label the feeling that is conveyed by each line in each division of the page.
  • Save your work as epline1-lastname.psd, epline2-lastname.psd, and epline3-lastname.psd in your files folder.
  • You must create lines that convey the following- Restful, bizarre, lonely, smart, nervous, expectant, creative.   The other 5 boxes you can do your own emotions (if you want ideas, look in guidelines below)


  • Computer Workstation
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 or better (old version in Photoshop on archived tutorial page.)



  • Be sure that you always save to your personal folder. Use the names above so it’s easy to find.
  • Try varying the line style (size, style, texture)  to help create feeling
  • Make sure your slide show conveys the right meaning of your term.
  • Learn how to use GOOGLE. It’s a great search engine.
  • Need other feelings to convey? Try active, aggressive, slow, hurting, sad, afraid, captive, constrained, unrestrained, depressed, technological, orderly, elegant, or beautiful.



3 documents with 4 uneven spaces filled with a line or lines and an emotive descriptor of each.

State Standards Met:

See Specifications**

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