Comm Tech 1

Welcome to the comm tech 1 page! If you’re here, that means that you have read every word and listened to every video on the Student page. If you haven’t, go back and do it. If you start on these projects, you are agreeing to the policies outlined on that page. There’s no fluff in this class- it’s just hard work. Fun, creative, powerful, amazing, exciting work… but work. For me, too.  So let’s just get going on it.

This is the way we roll:

Problem solving | Project Scenarios | Reports or Journals | Grading your projects


Comm Tech 1 Projects:




The Weeklies: (below is a work in progress-trying to plan out a good year-long curriculum)

Week 1- Geekspeak (For successful asynchronous pedogogical interfacing)

Week 2- Purpose and Passion (makes the world go round)

week 3- Ugly is a fact (elements and principles research and intro)

Week4- Draw without drawing (space, line, shape, typography)