Rounding it up…

Hey [su_tag]! So at this point, we need to start wrapping things up! First, I need you to review the quarter so far- and post your progress!

  1. Make a new page called q4 (just like you did for the first three quarters.) You don’t need to make a category for it, but you can if you want.
  2. On that page, post your work this quarter. Include the following:
    1. If you’ve passed the ACA already, post your passing screenshot
    2. Post any attempts you’ve made at the ACA.
    3. Post any projects you’ve done either in the ACA curriculum or extra work you’ve done on your own. Be sure to include final screenshots.
  3. After posting everything… grade yourself! Here’s how:
    1. If  you’ve passed a new ACA exam this quarter, you have an A! Congratulations!
    2. If you’ve gotten within 75 points of passing, OR taken the test 3 times with improving scores each time,  you have a B.
    3. If you have taken the test but didn’t score close enough for a B, you have a C. 
    4. If you haven’t even attempted the test yet, you have a D. GET ON IT!!
    5. If you haven’t attempted the test and have no work to show on your blog, you’re failing… GET MOVING FAST!!!!

This needs to be done NOW. it will only take a few minutes to post a page and your screenshots… so get on it! Any GAMR with nothing posted by 5/12 is failing. You need to document your work! The price of freedom is responsibility! 🙂


You know the drill. Post your progress and assess your work. You know what’s expected- a project a week. We’re in week 5, so you should have 5 new projects done! If they’re not posted, they didn’t happen!


You should be gathering assets and practicing your skills. TAKE SCREENSHOTS OF PRACTICE!!! You can use them later. Figure out what you’re going to do on exam day. Have all your notes and ideas photographed so you can include them on your exam later. EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT!!!!

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