xflowHey Guys!



Some of you keep trying to give me something traditional- something that you’d turn in in other classes- THAT’S NOT WHAT TOP IS AFTER!!!! he wants you to do it his way. It is different… It requires more thought… and it is the ONLY thing top will accept.     watch this.



We’re getting out blogs rolling! Here are the critical steps you need to have done ASAP:

Enable Communications

Get Your Blog and set it up



These are huge steps for us, [get_username]! You’ve got a blog now!!!


After that’s done, Xanthic wants to talk to you about Gestalt theory… This mission will take a little time, so come back here daily to check out the sitrep




Finish Gestalt after these are done.

  1. We need to organize our blogs further
  2. And in case you missed it… THIS IS CRITICAL TO UNDERSTAND!!
  3. Go get on the roster.
  4. Learn to Document Mastery
  5. Make things easier when you Fix Comm in the HUD.


SPECIAL NOTE– Can’t find your way back to your blog?Go to the mission Fix Comm in the HUD NOW and that will make it easy and teach you some cool tricks.




Another new mission.

  1. Tips for using Google Chrome